The municipal traffic police will launch an awareness campaign in collaboration with schools

Prevent minors from driving

The municipal traffic police will launch an awareness campaign in collaboration with schools

Any initiative fails if society does not support it: those responsible

posted on Jul 15, 2022 | Author Jahangir Sofi

Srinagar, July 14: To prevent minors from driving vehicles, Srinagar traffic police authorities said on Thursday that they would launch an awareness program in conjunction with schools on the issue and sensitize various other mandatory driving rules.

A senior traffic police officer in Srinagar told Rising Kashmir that they are going to launch an awareness program on underage driving, which is prohibited by law.

“We have enlisted some NGOs and together with the schools in Srinagar we are going to start an awareness program on the conduct of minors which is by no means allowed by law. A message should have the impact that no minor should ride or drive unless they are of the required age,” an official said.

The official added that they would not show any graphic images or presentations, but would verbally address the youngsters to make them understand that they should not drive or drive under an authorized age. He said the awareness program will also cover the importance and observance of traffic laws, such as the use of helmets while riding two-wheelers and valid vehicle documents and a valid driver’s license.

“All effort is incomplete unless there is no support from society, and as regards driving or riding by minors, houses must be stopped, good civic sense must prevail, and the parents or guardians should not feel proud that their underage children are driving on highways or roads when they are not eligible,” the official added.

Pertinent to mention that Srinagar as well as the other valley districts have witnessed many cases of accidents involving driving or horse riding by minors.

Notably, schools in Srinagar as well as other districts in the valley are reopening on Friday after a 10-day break during the summer vacation.

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