Valley News – Forum, December 16: “No” to compulsory education in Lebanon


Published: 12/15/2021 10:00:39 PM

Modified: 12/15/2021 22:00:04

“No” to the school deposit in Lebanon

An obligation is a debt that the taxpayer is required to owe and to own. Vote “no” to this current and recurring proposal for compulsory education in Lebanon (“Yet another obligation to renovate being voted on”, December 12). Debt stimulates inflation and requires the taxpayer to work harder. Extreme fatigue alone can compromise the well-being of parents and their children.

Using the metaphor, the best theater I have ever experienced was at Robinson Hall at Dartmouth College. It was furnished with folding wooden chairs, and a wooden platform served as a stage.



Balint is the most qualified

The Vermont primaries are not far off. US Representative Peter Welch has served our state with distinction, and I hope he will be elected as the next US Senator. There are a few who have announced campaigns to take his place as our only representative. The most qualified is Becca Balint, pro tempore president of the Vermont Senate (“Balint of the Senate will run for a seat in the United States House”, December 14). Forget Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray.

As the VTDigger article noted: “Within an hour of announcing Balint’s candidacy, Gray’s team issued a press release announcing that the Lieutenant Governor had raised over $ 111,000. in the first week of his campaign – and $ 50,000 in the first 24 hours. . ”

Gray doesn’t know my town. In fact, his signs littered our landscape for weeks after he was elected Lieutenant Governor. I believe she is all about the money, but her campaign refused to discuss her fundraising with VTDigger.


White river junction

The turnaround is fair play

If laws are made to make abortion illegal, I think it is fair that a law be enacted stating that men convicted of rape must be castrated.


West Lebanon

Men must have pregnancies

In his December 4 letter (“Headline reveals attitude to abortion”) forum contributor Jim Newcomb states that because of the headline “Supreme Court Justices Seem Ready to Restrict Right to abortion ”(December 2), Valley News chooses to “defend the murder”. Pure stupidity, in my opinion. The letter goes on to state that Roe v. Wade is “bad law” and one that current Supreme Court justices “seem poised to save millions of lives every year.” No more nonsense.

Why do men always think that it is a woman’s responsibility to carry a fetus to term, regardless of her situation? It is the men who make the women pregnant. Own.



Our abuse of vulnerable people

It is absolutely pathetic that every child in America is threatened with torture, neglect, sexual abuse, and other unspeakable horrors when left with adults other than their families. The Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center in Essex, Vermont, is another example of this seemingly endless abuse of vulnerable people (“Lawsuit Alleges Abuse of Force at Woodside,” December 14). It is disgusting that Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, the United States Olympic Committee and others look the other way when we treat our children this way. What is happening now and where will we know in the weeks, months or years to come? It is now officially normal to hear about these abuses. Apparently that’s what humans do.

Please continue to report these horrors, and please everyone take whistleblowers seriously.




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