Veterans advocacy group Weed For Warriors launches ad campaign holding politicians accountable for cannabis industry struggles

“Time and time again, we have said that what we absolutely need is better access to retail and reduced tax and regulatory burdens. Despite our best efforts, politicians like State Senator Melissa Hurtado (D-14) continue to take positions that undermine the development of a functioning legal cannabis industry. She represents an obstacle to sound legislation that could alleviate some of the pressure felt in our community and his actions have contributed to the destabilization of California the cannabis industry is already floundering,” said the executive director of Weed For Warriors, Sean Kiernan. “Votes cast that directly harm veterans, their families, neighbors and the significant agricultural interests it represents, is indefensible.”

California recently made changes to its cannabis tax structure; a decision that many industry executives see as too little, too late. “Local control has severely limited access to retail, taxes are punitive, and the costs of fighting the notorious push for overregulation Californians in a thriving illicit market,” said Elliot LewisFounder and CEO of Cannabis Co Catalyst.

“The cannabis industry’s history of advocacy has been to treat politicians with kid gloves. It seems to me that the veterans have taken those gloves off. This could be the bell that wakes the industry up from being a victim. politics,” said Jason Beckoldest continuous cannabis retail operator in United States.

Whether change is on the horizon or something is uncertain, the status quo stifles progress.

About the Weed For Warriors Project

WFW is a grassroots organization created in 2014 to advocate for veterans’ access to cannabis, considered a

primary tool to address the devastating toll of opioid addiction among veterans. Today, WFW activities support safe cannabis access, veteran rehabilitation programs, community engagement, continuing education, and policy advocacy.

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